Coast Guard

Hello Coast guard. What is the emergency?

There are people in the caves near the old lighthouse and looks like they are in trouble as the tide is cutting them off.


What is your name?

(insert name here)


Where are you?

I am on sandy beach in Helpmeville


Can you describe your location?

We are on the coastal path near the HV005 coast guard sign


Can you tell me what the weather conditions are like?

It is sunny and the but there are grey clouds forming and I think I can see a storm approaching from the sea


Do you know what time the high tide is where you are?

Well it is 2pm now and I think high tide is at 3pm


Are the people being cut off by the tide now?

Yes and the tide is coming in fast


How many people are being cut off by the tide?

Three People


Do you know their names?

No, they are too far away to hear their names but i can hear that they are shouting for help and waving

Do you know their ages?

No but there is a Man, a girl and boy


Can you describe to me what clothes they are wearing?

The man is wearing a whirt shirt and sandy trousers, the girl is wearing a orange top and brown skirt & the boy is wearing a red t-shirt and blue trousers 

Do you know if anyone needs medical attention?

I don’t think so but they look really scared.

Can you stay on the telephone with me whilst I send some help to the people?


Can you stay where you are, and I will send a Coastguard Officer to meet you?

I will stay here near the sign HV005

That’s great an officer will be with you shortly. Can you shout that help is on the way to them

Yes, I will shout to them

Fantastic thankyou stay where you are and help will be with you shortly but I am going to hang up now as I have another call coming in, ok? Stay where you are and help will be with you soon, Goodbye.

OK, Bye

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