Hello, police. Where is your emergency?

There is someone breaking into ABC School, Education Lane, Helpmeville


Can you confirm the postal code of the emergency?

SK00 1AB


Do you know the phone number your calling from?

01234 567 890


Can you tell me what is happening?

We were walking past our school and we saw a person entering the school via a window and we don’t know who he is


Do you know who is involved?

Just this single man


Can you describe him for me?

He is wearing a black and white striped top, black trousers, black hat &

a mask


Is your teacher around or Caretaker around?

Not that we can see


Officers are on their way. Can you stay on the phone and let me know if you see the person leave?

Ok I will


Did you see if the person had a bag or a weapon of some sort on him or anything that may injure our officers?

He is carrying a metal crow bar


Ok a metal crowbar. Is the person still inside the school?



Ok I can hear the officers are now arriving. Stay back while they deal with the incident. Then could you make yourself known to one of them as they will need to ask you some questions?

Ok I will


Brilliant, I am going now as I can hear officers are now with you? Thank you for being brave and calling us. Goodbye

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