Hello ambulance service, is the patient breathing?

Yes they are breathing


Ok can you tell me where you are?

We are on the school field at ABC School


Do you know the address of the school?

ABC School, Education Lane, Helpmeville

Do you know the Postal Code of the school?

it is SK00 1AB


Do you know the phone number you’re calling from?

the phone number is 01234 567 890


That is great, can you tell me what’s happened?

We were playing football. My friend has been tackled badly and fell.  Their leg looks like it is at a funny angle and they are in a lot of pain.

Are they Conscious?

Yes they are

Are they bleeding?

No we can't see any blood

Do they have any pain elsewhere like in their chest?

No no just their leg

What’s your name?

(Say Your Name)

Ok an ambulance is on its way but can you help me a bit more?

Yes I can

How old is the patient?

they are 10 years old

Does the patient suffer from any other medical conditions like asthma?


Do they have any allergies?


Is anybody else hurt?

No just my friend

You have done really well thankyou, Can you let me know if the patient’s condition gets worse?

Ok I will

That’s great. Can you reassure  your friend until the ambulance arrives,  keeping them as still as possible


Is there someone there who can guide the ambulance to your friend or let them in?

One of the team is by the gate and holding it open for them

That’s brilliant, you have done really well. I can hear the crew have arrived now so I will now hang up ok?

Ok thank you


Good Bye


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