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Fire & Rescue

Fire and rescue what is the address of the incident?

There is a fire at ABC School, Education Lane, Helpmeville, SK00 1AB


That’s ABC School in Helpmeville?



Fire crews are on their way.  Do you know the phone number you are calling from?

01234 567 890


What’s your name?

(Say Your Name)


And what is the problem there?

The school kitchen is on fire


Ok so the schools kitchen is on fire?



Do you know what is on fire in the kitchen?

The chip fryer


Is everyone out of the school?

No, the head cook, Mr McFry is still inside


Ok so there is someone inside the building



Please stand away from the building and can you make sure nobody tries to go in?

Ok we are all stood on the playground away from the school


Can you make sure that the crews can easily access the school by opening the gate or have someone waiting by the gate to let the crews in?

The Caretaker is waiting by the gate for you and holding the gates open for you


I can hear the crew has arrived so I will leave you now.  Thankyou, Goodbye.


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